Friday, December 26, 2008

New Feature - Resource Search

We hope everyone is having a lovely holiday season. During this period, we returned briefly to our site in order to implement a new feature for our visitors.

There are a number of other resources that appear to make an honest effort to assist consumers with locating Made in the USA products which we very much appreciate. We list these other resources on our site but it occurred to us that a dynamic search of those resources could prove helpful for shoppers.

So we combined those sites and their pages into a custom search and they can all now be simultaneously searched from one location. You can give this new search a try here: Resource Search of Made in the USA Sites

Some of these resources are shopper friendly with links to sources of US made goods. Some merely list, without links - manufacturers, retailers or other sources. These sites can be helpful though and a comprehensive search of those sites could provide greater efficiency for shoppers. If a consumer simply finds a company or manufacturer name, that information alone could lead them to goods that we overlooked or have not yet listed.

Each resource was tagged with either Resource or Resource/Blog. Two of the sites in this search are also Blogs which usually review American made products and also offer Weekly Giveaway's of US made products. The search results includes these tags so that visitors will know the type of site appearing in the results before they click and visit.

Our own site is included in the search and may appear in some search results. The purpose of the search though is to highlight other resources and the hopefully helpful information they offer to shoppers. We are not responsible though for the content presented on those other sites.

We'll resume work on in January after a bit of a break to spend time with our families. Again, we offer our best wishes for a lovely holiday and a happy and prosperous New Year.

Mary - web person for

Saturday, December 20, 2008

New Department - Union Made in the USA

Our descriptions usually note if union made goods are offered at a location and we've decided to gather up such sites and duplicate them in a new department -Union Made in the USA This will permit visitors to more easily browse and shop products made by union workers.

Union workers tend to understand well the value of manufacturing in the US and they also tend to shop wisely in the marketplace for US made goods.

Many commercial goods, which aren't listed on our site, are made by union workers. There is a considerable amount of consumer goods that are made by union workers so this new department will expand in the future. Presently, there is a sampling of a number of consumer products that visitors can browse.

I suspect often consumers don't realize how many well liked products are union made. The EMCO storm doors you may have purchased for your home - made by union workers. If there's Land 'O Lakes butter in your refrigerator - it's union made. And if there's a Bradford White water heater delivering hot water for your shower in the morning - that's union made.


When I first started work on our site, during verification there was a union made urban tee & sweatpants that caught my eye. I ordered them and when they arrived I marvelled at those garments. I'm so accustomed to US made quality, yet I found my new purchases impressive. The tee was heavyweight, soft cotton, expertly stitched. The sweatpants were also heavyweight, fleece lined, double stitched and had 2 large side pockets. They are so snugly warm and they look great.

Out of curiosity I went to Amazon and searched for sweatpants. I found them. They were imported, lightweight and had no pockets. They were $18.00 - just what I paid for my union made domestic pair. Neither was sale priced.

The maker of my sweatpants was Eagle USA and they made a profit on my purchase and paid union workers. I can't help but wonder what the profit margin was for that foreign manufacturer who had much less in labor & material costs. There was no savings for the consumer, but there was a larger profit margin for the manufacturer.

Somewhere there was a shopper on Amazon that bought those imported sweatpants. Possibly they thought they got a deal. Foreign manufacturers and retailers promote the notion that consumers will find savings with imported goods. US made products are so expensive, right?

Wrong. That poor Amazon shopper will probably be on their third or fourth pair of sweatpants in the time it takes me to wear through these. That shopper may have spent $18.00 on their pair, but I invested $18.00 in mine.

The first time I used our site when live was to reorder these sweatpants in other colors. I wanted a good source for Eagle USA which has a Dealer Locator but I discovered that by using a search engine and searching Eagle USA with the style number of the garment I wanted, I could usually snag the item at a retailer. This is when I discovered my sweatpants on StitchXpress for $16.44 available in 10 colors. Well now, I can buy union made in the USA for less than imported. Does this mean more whining from foreign manufacturers about competition?

Sadly, some folks think union wages add to the cost of products. As an American manufacturer I understand well the distribution of profit behind the ultimate price to the consumer. The presence of union workers in US manufacturing explains only the value & craftsmanship found in the products they produce.

Did you, the consumer, believe that companies moved production abroad with an altruistic intent to pass on the savings to you?

I offer my appreciation to whichever of my fellow Americans made my tee and sweatpants. I've often laughed aloud in stores at poorly made imported goods but I've always owned US made sweatpants and these are the nicest I've ever owned. The stitching is expert & they launder extremely well. The long trip to the mailbox is much easier to brave this winter with this fleece lining. I've hauled pet toys, mail, paperwork and several cans of soda in these huge pockets. You've artfully mastered product quality, value & customer satisfaction. You're the competition the foreign manufacturers whined about, aren't you? The best they could do was match the price while coming nowhere close to matching the quality. (Bless their hearts, they think they can compete with you.)

Now I can ponder whether those foreign manufacturers are simply enriching themselves by manufacturing abroad or if perhaps they're just terribly inefficient operations unlike domestic manufacturers with union employees...

Mary - web person for

Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Family Favorite, Anderson-Little Is Back!

The classic New England clothier, Anderson-Little is again making apparel in the USA. Founded in 1933 by Morris B. Anderson, this apparel manufacturer pioneered the concept of "factory direct to you." Anderson-Little garments were well received and appreciated by consumers and the company grew to 40 outlets. At one time, they employed 600 people in Fall River, Massachusetts.

Anderson-Little was a regional brand and was sold in 1966 to Richman Brothers, a national chain. The brand was bought and sold a few times until finally the last store was closed in 1998.

My family considered this a noteworthy loss because Anderson-Little was a family favorite. The garments were smartly designed, well made & comfortable. They wore well and as with most US made goods, they were fairly priced. Somehow the fit was ideal because I can't recall ever exchanging an Anderson-Little garment.

The Classic Blue Blazer - $139.00 plus free shipping

The Anderson-Little label and my own family are an example of business done right. This solid brand earned our trust & loyalty and wove its way into the fabric of our lives, our celebrations and memories. Birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas were all occasions that included a well received gift from this clothier and they were also the occasions this clothier's garments were worn.

It took years for the indomitable Scott Anderson, grandson of Morris Anderson to legally reclaim the name Anderson-Little. I'm not surprised that the Anderson family would return to what they know and do well - manufacturing men's apparel. It's not simply something they do - it's who they are; which as an American manufacturer, I understand.

Many US made products bear someone's name which traces to the pride they feel in what they've produced. Such folks understand there's a better way to do business and they're stubborn in insisting on employing American workers, offering the value of fairly priced well made goods and delivering superb customer service.

No type of compensation is involved as my words are offered as a satisfied customer. I find comfort in a familiar and time tested brand. I can spend my money and be assured of quality, fit and value. I can also do business with folks, not unlike myself, who embrace standards and who treasure their reputation as I do my own.

As the Anderson family tradition continues so will the tradition in my own family. They'll be a box under the tree this Christmas for my son. He'll receive a classic blue blazer with a label that bears the name Anderson-Little, just as things should be in my home. I'll be proud of the gift I purchase and I have no doubt my son will take pride in his appearance, just like his father and grandfather before him.

Thank you Mr. Scott Anderson & Mr. Stuart Anderson. Your family reminds me of who we are as a people and I thoroughly appreciate the reminder. Moxie is after all a hallmark of American manufacturers. Please know that your return to the American marketplace is greatly welcomed.

No surprise here that I could quickly dip into my stockpile of gift boxes and retrieve a suitable box for my son's Christmas present.

This long lived box is sturdy - like the garments - like the family - like the brand.

Should anyone wonder why I buy American made goods?

Mary - web person for Find US

Monday, August 18, 2008

Gateway to the American Made Marketplace©

Our professional logo is in place & the code for our link banner was written, but we're excited most about the new search feature on our site which we've dubbed - Gateway to the American Made Marketplace©

Unlike your local retail store where the rare find is a US made item, we’d like to introduce you to the reverse situation.

Behind a simple search interface, we carefully assembled a vast collection of the prime Internet locations with 100% or virtually 100% Made in the USA products.*

The locations we search include the online malls, state malls, manufacturers’ sites and selected merchants whose inventory is exclusively Made in the USA. All of these different locations can now be simultaneously searched in one place.

Relieved of the clutter from imports, we view this search as the simplest, quickest & most efficient means to match a US made product with a shopper who seeks such a product.

Nearly all locations in our search have a shopping cart, so a shopper can promptly locate & purchase US made goods if they wish. Since the balance of the inventory is US made on the sites in our search, the discerning consumer can continue to browse or shop for other US made goods.

About Our Search:

All sites and their inventory were carefully researched & vetted prior to inclusion in our search.

*We held to this rule while developing this search. If a location had only 1 identified imported product while the balance of the inventory was Made in the USA, they were acceptable. If they had more than 1 imported item or if it was not identified as such, the location was excluded. This is how we achieved such a pure concentration of Made in the USA products and it explains the 8 isolated imports in our vast search - imports which are identified as such in the product descriptions.

While we have no control over the inventory offered by the sites in our search, we do have control over whether or not a location remains. If we become aware of an increase in the number of imported products offered on a site in our search, it will be eliminated from the search. Likewise, as we find additional suitable locations with 100% US made products, they will be included.

A few of the sites in our search note product origin only on their Home, About Us or FAQ pages so you may not see the origin in some product descriptions. We've checked but since inventory can change, you may wish to verify the origin yourself prior to any purchase.

In some cases, a site's technology was somehow incompatible with our search and so unfortunately, they were not included. In the future, we hope to correct that situation, if possible. Locations that were not included in our search are marked with a red asterisk in our departments. We suggest browsing our departments in addition to the search for additional locations for US made goods.

Search Tips

Results from a query are based primarily on relevance and they can range from No Results to numerous pages dependant upon the search query. (No location appears in our search due to any type of compensation.) They are present because the goods they offer are exclusively US made.

When using the Gateway to the American Made Marketplace©, it can be helpful to use both less specific and more specific search terms. By simply searching the two words shower and curtain, results will deliver both shower curtains and shower curtain rings. Rather than simply searching for stuffed animals, a specific animal can be searched such as a stuffed giraffe.

Sizes can be searched successfully such as Plus Size or Big & Tall. Brands and companies can also be searched.

Results can differ when using or not using quotation marks or from singular and plural versions of words. You might like to try your searches with and without quotations and in a singular and plural form. Terminology can achieve different results such as searching the word overalls or coveralls.

Presently, the search represents about 50% of the compatible sites from our departments. It is already possible to search and locate a surprising quantity and variety of goods, all Made in the USA. We'll continue to contribute and enlarge the search over the next few months. We're noting our progress for users in the left column of our search page.

Please take a few minutes and give our search a test drive. We'd be delighted to hear from you about our site or our search. Please send any comments or feedback to

Mary - web person for Find US

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Discover American Manufacturing

Find US can be a learning experience for visitors. Not everyone is aware that we produce potato vodka, caviar & extra virgin olive oil in the US.

Our oldest rice mill is still in operation as well as Indiana’s oldest commercial water-powered flour mill. Since 1888, Charles H. Baldwin has produced possibly the absolute best vanilla extract. The Frye Co. is our oldest continuously operated shoe company and for the past 166 years, Johnson Woolen Mills has been producing wool apparel.

Consumers are wise. When they find a value, they return to it time and again which explains our 8th generation companies.

Recycling and technology has brought new businesses and new products to the American marketplace. The growing demand for organic products is being met by many of them. Environmental concerns are spawning eco-friendly products and I believe technology will one day fulfill consumers wildest dreams.

What is common to both long established companies & the new companies listed on our site, are their values and their dedication to domestic manufacturing. They chose to employ Americans. They chose to be subject to our laws, codes & regulations. They also chose to compete in the American marketplace, even against unfair subsidized foreign competition. American manufacturers have moxie, don't they?

Even the merchants that we list, carefully selected the lines they would offer to consumers, and they wisely chose to include American made goods.

Your local large retailer has no doubt selfishly chosen to limit your options by filling their stores with imported products. Unfortunately, you, the consumer is not well served by limited options. You can't be expected to find the value in the marketplace if US made products are absent.

Permit us then to introduce you to the choices you've been missing.

Consumers deserve their choice of US made large stainless steel utensils from Kwik Kut, 6 pieces for $11.25. Casual shorts from Duck Scrubs are $10.00. An organic cotton nightshirt from SOS From Texas is $12.50. A 17 piece recycled plastic tea set from Green Toys is $24.99. The consumer also has the choice of colored glass tree ornaments from Bronner's, 8 for $4.99.

Consumers should be aware of all available options, and we're working hard to spotlight the US made products so often absent from your local store.

The most recent generation of American manufacturers - you know, the ones with moxie, are anxious to meet you. They've worked hard in the American marketplace while playing by the rules and they deserve the opportunity to meet and hopefully impress you. I've visited each and every one of the thousands of locations listed on our site and goodness knows they've impressed me.

Now I'm wondering which of these new companies will be in their 8th generation years from now.

The wise consumer will explore their options and discover value in the marketplace. They'll be rewarded with products they'd purchase again from the manufacturers who earn their business.

What might you discover?

Mary - web person for Find US

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Trenway Textiles

We're delighted to share this information from a recent email. Trenway Textiles was contacted about the origin of their products. They replied explaining that for a time, some of their products were manufactured abroad. They found themselves dissatisfied however with the quality of the products and they've returned to manufacturing their entire line of socks in the USA.

We now have them listed in the
Footwear/Headwear & Sports & Hobbies departments on our site.

Mary - web person for Find US

Friday, June 20, 2008

Do You Have Tips For Us?

While we make our way through our remaining folders, we've been receiving tips from site visitors. Thank you all very much. We promptly visit and review site submissions and suitable links usually appear within 24 hours. (If the site is found eventually in one of our folders, it will be treated as a duplicate.)

Consumers built our site and consumers will continue to impact and change the site. Your tips are most welcomed and you can send them to me at

Due to the volume of our links, we've already split Toys into 2 departments. We suspect the same will happen as we complete the Designer Apparel department. A Home Improvement/Renovation department is likely to appear in the future.

Presently though, we've presented thousands of fruitful locations with Made in the USA products, placing what must be millions of US made products at the fingertips of our visitors.

If you have some time, we have some remarkable products to show you...

Mary - web person for Find US

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Power in the Marketplace

As a small business person, I get up early every morning, work all day long, most evenings and some weekends, all with the hope of earning some of your hard earned dollars.

Corporate manufacturers and large retailers are no different as they also hope to earn your money. After the toy recalls I noticed a change in the complexion of the toys offered by JCPenney. I noticed US made toys offered now at full price while imported versions were on sale. That large retailer quickly & wisely responded to consumer demand.

Believe me, if the consumer decided that desirable products should be adorned with - let’s say purple stars, then corporate manufacturers and small businesses like ours would be busy affixing purple stars on our products. I would likely be up even earlier in the day affixing the purple stars myself and get my product to market before the large corporations. My products are here already, while the corporations would be awaiting ships to reach a dock. Our pricing would be comparable and competitive mainly because small businesses tend to run efficiently without layers of bloated management. Products without purple stars would be on sale at JCPenney while products with purple stars would be offered at full price.

All of this fuss would have happened because consumers developed a penchant for products adorned with purple stars.

Yes, you have this much power in the marketplace.

Mary - web person for Find US

Monday, June 9, 2008

We've Outsourced Our National Security

I recently read a comment on a blog, the topic of which was the ramifications of domestic and foreign manufacturing. A woman offered a comment from her husband. He had told her that he doubted our country could defend itself in the event of a military attack, the reason being that we would most likely be awaiting parts from China. It may have been a flippant comment but it haunts me.

We're friendly with the owners of another small business. One of the lines they distribute was US made until recently. The line is now manufactured in China. The products are used by hospitals, police departments, government offices and our military. While there is no complaint presently with the quality of the products, there is on occasion a back-order of some items. Currently they face a 6 to 8 month wait on delivery of an item requested by a facility in the state of Texas.

Now, what if this was an emergency?

Mary - web person for Find US

Saturday, June 7, 2008

3 Decades of Purchasing US Made Products

Buying US made products isn't a new idea - it's one I embraced 30 years ago when I first made my home. I learned much along the way in life, including how wise it was to fill my home with Made in the USA products.

I'm presently an American manufacturer so in some ways, I've come full circle. I realize more than ever that domestic manufacturing is essential to our nation's economic security.

I took a page on our site to explain my journey over 30 years. You can read my full comments here:

Should you visit our site, you'll likely be surprised at what you'll find in our departments. American manufacturers and workers have been busy, very busy...

Mary - web person for Find US

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Shopping One's Own Site

It was I, primarily who gathered everyone's folders to review and verify sites and links for Find US The first round of links was only about 1,500. I visited each of those sites, reviewed & verified them and took an appropriate inventory for the descriptions.

There are several types of shopper and I'm basically a need based shopper. Grocers' would call me a "cherry picker" which I find complimentary. As a discerning shopper I don't shop casually or for recreation. On occasion I'll window shop but I'm basically on a straightforward mission. Impress me quickly or I'm out the door.

I was not in need of anything when I started to work on our site, nor did I expect to shop. I was surprised then to find myself reaching for my wallet several times as the departments took shape. I spent a few hundred dollars and I was thrilled with my purchases. In fact, I returned to the pages to re-order some items. That quickly, we were shopping via our own site generating domestic commerce. That experience demonstrated to me that American manufacturers, merchants and their goods were appealing enough to tempt someone who wasn't even shopping. We smiled and wondered how well then our site could help a shopper on a mission.

My wallet had a rest for successive rounds of links mostly due to the nature of the departments. I have additional folders to review though but at least I know now the likelihood of spotting merchandise that I would like to purchase. My wallet is nearby...

Mary - web person for Find US

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Frantic Parents & a Microwave Ablaze

Prior to the 2007 holiday season, I so often came across frantic parents who were searching on the Internet for safe toys for their children. Meanwhile, a friend wrote to me explaining that her foreign made microwave caught fire in her kitchen. She has 3 children and keeps well informed about current events via the Internet. She was well aware of the many recent recalls of foreign products. The microwave catching fire in her kitchen, demonstrated to her a clear threat to her family's well being. She reacted by putting down her foot and declaring that her family would only purchase Made in the USA products whenever possible. This prompted a notable increase in the link sharing among friends.

In addition to my friends, I also wished I could help those frantic parents. I suggested to the group that we combine and place our sources online. The idea was well received and after some discussion, we began work on the site.

Our own small business has operated the past few decades by following our number one rule - do right by our customer. As I started work on our site, present in my mind was how we could do right by our site visitors. Truly, it was not until the third day of work that I slapped my forehead when it came to mind that we were American manufacturers and I could proudly list our own company on the site. We have a simple link and description on the page and we're honored to be in the good company of so many fine American manufacturers.

Mary - web person for Find US