Sunday, June 15, 2008

Power in the Marketplace

As a small business person, I get up early every morning, work all day long, most evenings and some weekends, all with the hope of earning some of your hard earned dollars.

Corporate manufacturers and large retailers are no different as they also hope to earn your money. After the toy recalls I noticed a change in the complexion of the toys offered by JCPenney. I noticed US made toys offered now at full price while imported versions were on sale. That large retailer quickly & wisely responded to consumer demand.

Believe me, if the consumer decided that desirable products should be adorned with - let’s say purple stars, then corporate manufacturers and small businesses like ours would be busy affixing purple stars on our products. I would likely be up even earlier in the day affixing the purple stars myself and get my product to market before the large corporations. My products are here already, while the corporations would be awaiting ships to reach a dock. Our pricing would be comparable and competitive mainly because small businesses tend to run efficiently without layers of bloated management. Products without purple stars would be on sale at JCPenney while products with purple stars would be offered at full price.

All of this fuss would have happened because consumers developed a penchant for products adorned with purple stars.

Yes, you have this much power in the marketplace.

Mary - web person for Find US

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