Saturday, June 27, 2009

New Balance Footwear - A Personal Favorite

Twenty years ago, I discovered a simple US made product that enriched my life.

It was a pair of walking shoes.

As I aged, I realized my body was less tolerant of abuse. I could no longer sleep on my tummy or improperly lift and back pain became a part of my life.

The first directive from my physician was to purchase a good pair of walking shoes. I learned about caring for my back and shopped for walking shoes - needed for the hours each day that I wasn't wearing 1 1/2 inch heels with my suits.

My search for a US made walking shoe fortunately led me to New Balance. At the time, there was a sign that I read near their display in the store. It addressed unwise trade policies and the importance of US manufacturing. After reading that sign, I purchased my first pair.

With good, supportive & comfortable walking shoes on my feet, my back pain was soon relieved. Free of discomfort, I was able to again enjoy walks in the evening which is good for my overall health. I even did some landscaping at my family's home whereupon I fell from a low retaining wall, turning over on my ankle.

I was surprised to learn that it takes months to recover from such a sprain. I soon turned over on the same weakened ankle while watching my son march in a parade.

Again, fortunately, I discovered a style of New Balance shoes that has a "rollbar" feature. I think of it as a stopper on the edge of the shoe. It does a splendid job of discouraging and preventing someone from turning over on their ankle. This style was 810, now called 811 and soon the weakness in my ankle dissipated. My ankle regained strength and I've not sprained my ankle since.

No type of compensation is involved - this post results from the good will that New Balance has earned with me over the past 20 years. I'm a very satisfied customer.

I'd like to thank New Balance for terrific products that serve me extraordinarily well. My style can be had for under $90.00 which is kind to my wallet. I'm pleased that New Balance seems understandably proud of their communities and their capable workforce.

I'd also like to thank whichever of my fellow Americans made my footwear. Your craftsmanship is apparent in the fine product you produce. You arise early every morning, work hard all day long and your work contributed to a marked improvement in the quality of my life, thank you. I wear this footwear for hours each day and they wear for years. Less than $90.00 permits me years of activity & mobility that is free of discomfort.

New Balance has been and remains committed to manufacturing in the US. Some New Balance styles are imported but New Balance operates five manufacturing facilities in the US which produce walking & running shoes for men & women.

It's possible to spend hundreds of dollars on athletic footwear that is made in China or perhaps Korea manufactured by New Balance competitors.

Can you spot the value in the marketplace?


New Balance has presented a video that honors their community, US manufacturing and my fellow Americans who craft my footwear.

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