Friday, October 30, 2009

A Truly American General Store & American Aisle

A General Store is a rarity in communities across the country - even more rare is one that is filled with only Made in USA goods.

That is exactly the inventory that shopkeeper Deborah Leydig wisely chose to offer folks in her community of Barrington, Illinois. Norton's U.S.A. offers housewares, greeting cards, toys, glassware, jewelry, apparel, gift wrap, ribbons, china & much more.

While there are numerous examples of online malls filled exclusively with US made products, listed here, this was the first example we found of a brick and mortar mixed inventory store that decided in favor of only US made goods.
The second example we found was a shop called American Aisle. It's located in Round Lake Beach, Illinois. The two owners, Nitai Pandya and Mia Kenig-Bujnarowski cut the ribbon on their shop in December 2008. They offer their patrons Made in the USA cosmetics, toys, cutlery, kitchen items, wallets, hair accessories, lunch boxes & much more.

Fortunately for shoppers across the country, American Aisle has opened an online store so that we all might browse and shop a brick & mortar merchant that is devoted to supporting U.S. manufacturing.

Their online store is now searchable in our Marketplace search.

In my travels across the Internet, I've come across other people with dreams of opening a Made in USA store - a shop with only US made products. The two merchants noted above are demonstrating that such a dream is feasible.

My own personal dream is an eco-friendly shopping complex with a number of different shops, each with distinct domestic inventory that meet shoppers various needs.

I so thoroughly enjoyed adding American Aisle to our Marketplace search this day. It's strange sometimes, how dreams are realized in unexpected ways.

UPDATE - 07/16/2010

Another occasion to smile as today I added Norton's USA new online store to our site and Marketplace search. 

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