Sunday, March 6, 2011

An Excellent Series by ABC World News - Made in America

Consumer interest and desire of Made in USA products continues to increase and there is now an intriguing and informative series unfolding on ABC World News called Made in America.

ABC World News - Made in America

Unlike me, someone who completely furnished my home with Made in USA products across three decades, ABC tackled a more formidable project.  They wondered if it was possible to furnish a home completely with Made in USA goods, today. 

I admit that today I simply could not replace everything in my own home without purchasing vintage products.  As an example, my parents beautiful stainless waffle maker sits upon my kitchen counter and a new domestic replacement is not available in the marketplace.

My own personal story can be found on our site here.

Curious isn't it?  How much is available today, domestically produced for our homes?

A Call to Buy Goods Made in America

Yes, there was a time when our manufacturing base kept the U.S. strong, self reliant and self sufficient.  Simply, production is the means to create wealth and we produced our way to the status of the wealthiest country on earth.

Bankers have a role in our economy, but throughout life I understood that my father with his lunchbox did more to create wealth than the boys on Wall Street who play with papers and who appear to excel only at wealth destruction.

I've never, never, never understood those dimwitted and deviant individuals who convinced themselves and others that our country could somehow import its way to prosperity. 

Unfortunately, I could not include more than one video in a post, so please see below for additional videos with my comments.

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  1. Love what you're doing Mary! Thanks for listing me on your Blog Roll.

    I'm excited to have such a great connection of resources in order to make my own experiences in buying American easier. I knew from my own household that buying American was becoming a thing of the past but wow, when I watched that video and saw that chart it's pretty sickening to see how dependent upon foreign country's goods we actually are.

    I can't wait to read all that you have to post!

    Shopping Made In the USA