Sunday, March 6, 2011

Usry Family - ABC Series, Finding U.S. Products

I smiled when I saw the hunt begin for a U.S. made coffee maker.  My head shook when they thought they found one. 

Made in America: Finding U.S. Products

The Usry family is in for a very nice temporary household upgrade, as the products are on loan from the companies.  Their home will be filled with American made products that deliver quality and safety, simply - they deliver a good value.

I do suggest a visit to the ABC World News web page where you can view numerous videos, take a quiz, explore an interactive map, as well as find other engaging material.

ABC World News - Made in America

I'm delighted that our national media has seized an important topic and is undoubtedly raising awareness.  This is an informative and inspiring series and is actually quite thorough.  They stress the jobs that can be created by purchasing Made in USA products.

As I've stated on this Blog, consumers are the force within the marketplace.  Your every whim, interest, desire, curiosity, inclination, etc., once known will be researched, charted, graphed, and studied resulting in early morning meetings.  It only takes a small percentage of shift in your spending habits to trigger those meetings.

30 years ago, before I was ever a manufacturer, I made a simple decision to buy American because I liked the idea that someone like my dad would get a paycheck from the money I spent.  Supporting or creating a job for a fellow American appears to be quite altruistic, a trait I attribute to my mother.

Across those decades though, I came to realize how much I had done for myself.  My home is filled with products that deliver customer satisfaction, durability, quality, innovation, safety and value.  Regardless of price, my purchases came with a lower cost to own.

I am someone who is still using my parents waffle maker.  Like them, I spend my money once and I'm done.  When I consider folks who purchase imports and spend their money repeatedly, it actually appears quite extravagant to me.  My suspicion is they somehow believe they are saving money.  Huh.

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