Sunday, June 29, 2008

Discover American Manufacturing

Find US can be a learning experience for visitors. Not everyone is aware that we produce potato vodka, caviar & extra virgin olive oil in the US.

Our oldest rice mill is still in operation as well as Indiana’s oldest commercial water-powered flour mill. Since 1888, Charles H. Baldwin has produced possibly the absolute best vanilla extract. The Frye Co. is our oldest continuously operated shoe company and for the past 166 years, Johnson Woolen Mills has been producing wool apparel.

Consumers are wise. When they find a value, they return to it time and again which explains our 8th generation companies.

Recycling and technology has brought new businesses and new products to the American marketplace. The growing demand for organic products is being met by many of them. Environmental concerns are spawning eco-friendly products and I believe technology will one day fulfill consumers wildest dreams.

What is common to both long established companies & the new companies listed on our site, are their values and their dedication to domestic manufacturing. They chose to employ Americans. They chose to be subject to our laws, codes & regulations. They also chose to compete in the American marketplace, even against unfair subsidized foreign competition. American manufacturers have moxie, don't they?

Even the merchants that we list, carefully selected the lines they would offer to consumers, and they wisely chose to include American made goods.

Your local large retailer has no doubt selfishly chosen to limit your options by filling their stores with imported products. Unfortunately, you, the consumer is not well served by limited options. You can't be expected to find the value in the marketplace if US made products are absent.

Permit us then to introduce you to the choices you've been missing.

Consumers deserve their choice of US made large stainless steel utensils from Kwik Kut, 6 pieces for $11.25. Casual shorts from Duck Scrubs are $10.00. An organic cotton nightshirt from SOS From Texas is $12.50. A 17 piece recycled plastic tea set from Green Toys is $24.99. The consumer also has the choice of colored glass tree ornaments from Bronner's, 8 for $4.99.

Consumers should be aware of all available options, and we're working hard to spotlight the US made products so often absent from your local store.

The most recent generation of American manufacturers - you know, the ones with moxie, are anxious to meet you. They've worked hard in the American marketplace while playing by the rules and they deserve the opportunity to meet and hopefully impress you. I've visited each and every one of the thousands of locations listed on our site and goodness knows they've impressed me.

Now I'm wondering which of these new companies will be in their 8th generation years from now.

The wise consumer will explore their options and discover value in the marketplace. They'll be rewarded with products they'd purchase again from the manufacturers who earn their business.

What might you discover?

Mary - web person for Find US