Sunday, June 5, 2011

Invest in China?

Upon my desk is a computer monitor and there is a small television just to the left on the return. This enables me to easily consume all sorts of media.

It does though on occasion present an interesting juxtaposition of information.

I recently clicked a news link when I heard the words “The fastest train in the world” which prompted me to shift my eyes to the left to watch the following commercial:

I did not react well to that commercial. I am old enough now that I will speak aloud to the television which as a child I always perceived as peculiar adult behavior.

I told my television the following:

“Who are these iShare idiots that think I should invest in China?” “I got a country right here, the good ol’ U.S. of A that could use some investment.” “Doesn’t China get enough U.S. dollars?” “Let’s keep our own dollars and build the fastest train in the world right here!”

Disgusted, I shifted my eyes back to the monitor and read the following headline:

Exploding Watermelons Put Spotlight on Chinese Farming

Ah, another innovative product made in China - exploding watermelons.  We have nothing like that in the U.S.  Our watermelons, while delicious are unexciting because they just sit there waiting to be sliced and eaten. 

Wouldn’t exploding watermelons be perfect for 4th of July celebrations? We could place a few out in the yard after the barbecue, then place bets on which one will explode first. That might make a nice intro for the nearby fireworks display.

Now while some consumers might like a watermelon that explodes after they purchase it, they don't appear to have any desire to purchase one that already exploded.  So these watermelon growers in China have thus far succeeded in producing nothing more than fish food.  I think though that if they can perfect the timing of the explosion - they'll be on to something. 

The article reminds us of some other Chinese cost cutting innovations including rice with cadmium, milk with melamine, soy sauce with arsenic, mushrooms with bleach and pork with borax.




Today, as I was contemplating writing this post, I learned that another new road collapsed in China.  After all, why build roads that function for decades when you can build roads to function only for a few years?  The roadway does not appear to be situated near any watermelon fields, so I suspect that inferior concrete or steel is to blame for the collapse.  I am certain the collapse can be explained by yet another Chinese cost cutting innovation. 



Collapsing roads in China reminded me of the buildings in China that experience difficulty remaining in a vertical position.  Watch any toddler long enough and you'll see that they too at times have difficulty remaining on their feet.  Yes, gravity is a powerful force. 

It's very easy to understand why the media in China is very tightly controlled by the Chinese government.  Just imagine what is not reported...

From the iShare commercial – “China is evolving.”

Okay, at what point in time does China evolve into a country that can overcome the force of gravity and master what must be the fine art of growing watermelons that can't be confused with landmines?


Hey iShare - invest in China?



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