Friday, December 26, 2008

New Feature - Resource Search

We hope everyone is having a lovely holiday season. During this period, we returned briefly to our site in order to implement a new feature for our visitors.

There are a number of other resources that appear to make an honest effort to assist consumers with locating Made in the USA products which we very much appreciate. We list these other resources on our site but it occurred to us that a dynamic search of those resources could prove helpful for shoppers.

So we combined those sites and their pages into a custom search and they can all now be simultaneously searched from one location. You can give this new search a try here: Resource Search of Made in the USA Sites

Some of these resources are shopper friendly with links to sources of US made goods. Some merely list, without links - manufacturers, retailers or other sources. These sites can be helpful though and a comprehensive search of those sites could provide greater efficiency for shoppers. If a consumer simply finds a company or manufacturer name, that information alone could lead them to goods that we overlooked or have not yet listed.

Each resource was tagged with either Resource or Resource/Blog. Two of the sites in this search are also Blogs which usually review American made products and also offer Weekly Giveaway's of US made products. The search results includes these tags so that visitors will know the type of site appearing in the results before they click and visit.

Our own site is included in the search and may appear in some search results. The purpose of the search though is to highlight other resources and the hopefully helpful information they offer to shoppers. We are not responsible though for the content presented on those other sites.

We'll resume work on in January after a bit of a break to spend time with our families. Again, we offer our best wishes for a lovely holiday and a happy and prosperous New Year.

Mary - web person for