Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Family Favorite, Anderson-Little Is Back!

The classic New England clothier, Anderson-Little is again making apparel in the USA. Founded in 1933 by Morris B. Anderson, this apparel manufacturer pioneered the concept of "factory direct to you." Anderson-Little garments were well received and appreciated by consumers and the company grew to 40 outlets. At one time, they employed 600 people in Fall River, Massachusetts.

Anderson-Little was a regional brand and was sold in 1966 to Richman Brothers, a national chain. The brand was bought and sold a few times until finally the last store was closed in 1998.

My family considered this a noteworthy loss because Anderson-Little was a family favorite. The garments were smartly designed, well made & comfortable. They wore well and as with most US made goods, they were fairly priced. Somehow the fit was ideal because I can't recall ever exchanging an Anderson-Little garment.

The Classic Blue Blazer - $139.00 plus free shipping

The Anderson-Little label and my own family are an example of business done right. This solid brand earned our trust & loyalty and wove its way into the fabric of our lives, our celebrations and memories. Birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas were all occasions that included a well received gift from this clothier and they were also the occasions this clothier's garments were worn.

It took years for the indomitable Scott Anderson, grandson of Morris Anderson to legally reclaim the name Anderson-Little. I'm not surprised that the Anderson family would return to what they know and do well - manufacturing men's apparel. It's not simply something they do - it's who they are; which as an American manufacturer, I understand.

Many US made products bear someone's name which traces to the pride they feel in what they've produced. Such folks understand there's a better way to do business and they're stubborn in insisting on employing American workers, offering the value of fairly priced well made goods and delivering superb customer service.

No type of compensation is involved as my words are offered as a satisfied customer. I find comfort in a familiar and time tested brand. I can spend my money and be assured of quality, fit and value. I can also do business with folks, not unlike myself, who embrace standards and who treasure their reputation as I do my own.

As the Anderson family tradition continues so will the tradition in my own family. They'll be a box under the tree this Christmas for my son. He'll receive a classic blue blazer with a label that bears the name Anderson-Little, just as things should be in my home. I'll be proud of the gift I purchase and I have no doubt my son will take pride in his appearance, just like his father and grandfather before him.

Thank you Mr. Scott Anderson & Mr. Stuart Anderson. Your family reminds me of who we are as a people and I thoroughly appreciate the reminder. Moxie is after all a hallmark of American manufacturers. Please know that your return to the American marketplace is greatly welcomed.

No surprise here that I could quickly dip into my stockpile of gift boxes and retrieve a suitable box for my son's Christmas present.

This long lived box is sturdy - like the garments - like the family - like the brand.

Should anyone wonder why I buy American made goods?

Mary - web person for Find US