Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Yet Another Made in USA General Store

I'd like to tell you about my sort of business person.  His name is Mark Andol and he's an American manufacturer.  He lost a large client to a Chinese competitor and had to close some manufacturing locations and lay off workers which he found disturbing. 

Now in this situation a man like Jeff Fettig, CEO of Whirlpool Corporation would start to whine about his company's inability to compete in the marketplace.  In 2009 during a recession, Mr. Fettig enjoyed a 77% increase in his compensation.  Nice raise.  In 2010, 1,000 Americans in Evansville, Indiana lost their jobs when Whirlpool moved them to Mexico.  So that whole competition problem is solved now to Mr. Fettig's satisfaction, correct?  Mr. Fettig is only mentioned again on this Blog because he serves as superb contrast to an inspiring and admirable American. 

Mr. Andol reacted to foreign competition by investing $50,000 in a 2,000 square foot retail store in Elma, New York.  He stocked that store with exclusively Made in USA products.  The legal definition isn't quite good enough for Mr. Andol as he insists that every item in his store be 100% Made in USA including the packaging.

Most of the employees Mr. Andol had to lay off he now employs in his store.   

His store launch was quite successful.  The store is stocked with a variety of U.S. made goods as well as his own products.  If you are in or near Elma, New York stop in to browse and shop.  If you reside elsewhere in the country you can click the photo below and shop his online store. 

As an American manufacturer I can tell you that it's extremely difficult to get shelf space in large chain stores.  Large retail chains prefer imported products because they come with a larger profit margin.  It makes sense because there isn't quality, safety, innovation, craftsmanship, etc. built into those products.  That leaves a greater margin for profit.  No, the chain stores didn't pass on any savings to you, the consumer. 

This is the third brick and mortar store that we've found with exclusively Made in USA inventory.  Other prudent merchants will likely embrace the same concept.  With each new such retail location comes another opportunity for American manufacturers to find shelf space. 

This is the right direction.  Well done Mr. Andol. 

Country artist Ricky Lee recorded a song that just might be my new favorite Country tune. 

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Mary - Proud American manufacturer and web person for FindUSMade.com

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