Friday, June 20, 2008

Do You Have Tips For Us?

While we make our way through our remaining folders, we've been receiving tips from site visitors. Thank you all very much. We promptly visit and review site submissions and suitable links usually appear within 24 hours. (If the site is found eventually in one of our folders, it will be treated as a duplicate.)

Consumers built our site and consumers will continue to impact and change the site. Your tips are most welcomed and you can send them to me at

Due to the volume of our links, we've already split Toys into 2 departments. We suspect the same will happen as we complete the Designer Apparel department. A Home Improvement/Renovation department is likely to appear in the future.

Presently though, we've presented thousands of fruitful locations with Made in the USA products, placing what must be millions of US made products at the fingertips of our visitors.

If you have some time, we have some remarkable products to show you...

Mary - web person for Find US

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