Sunday, June 1, 2008

Frantic Parents & a Microwave Ablaze

Prior to the 2007 holiday season, I so often came across frantic parents who were searching on the Internet for safe toys for their children. Meanwhile, a friend wrote to me explaining that her foreign made microwave caught fire in her kitchen. She has 3 children and keeps well informed about current events via the Internet. She was well aware of the many recent recalls of foreign products. The microwave catching fire in her kitchen, demonstrated to her a clear threat to her family's well being. She reacted by putting down her foot and declaring that her family would only purchase Made in the USA products whenever possible. This prompted a notable increase in the link sharing among friends.

In addition to my friends, I also wished I could help those frantic parents. I suggested to the group that we combine and place our sources online. The idea was well received and after some discussion, we began work on the site.

Our own small business has operated the past few decades by following our number one rule - do right by our customer. As I started work on our site, present in my mind was how we could do right by our site visitors. Truly, it was not until the third day of work that I slapped my forehead when it came to mind that we were American manufacturers and I could proudly list our own company on the site. We have a simple link and description on the page and we're honored to be in the good company of so many fine American manufacturers.

Mary - web person for Find US

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