Thursday, June 5, 2008

Shopping One's Own Site

It was I, primarily who gathered everyone's folders to review and verify sites and links for Find US The first round of links was only about 1,500. I visited each of those sites, reviewed & verified them and took an appropriate inventory for the descriptions.

There are several types of shopper and I'm basically a need based shopper. Grocers' would call me a "cherry picker" which I find complimentary. As a discerning shopper I don't shop casually or for recreation. On occasion I'll window shop but I'm basically on a straightforward mission. Impress me quickly or I'm out the door.

I was not in need of anything when I started to work on our site, nor did I expect to shop. I was surprised then to find myself reaching for my wallet several times as the departments took shape. I spent a few hundred dollars and I was thrilled with my purchases. In fact, I returned to the pages to re-order some items. That quickly, we were shopping via our own site generating domestic commerce. That experience demonstrated to me that American manufacturers, merchants and their goods were appealing enough to tempt someone who wasn't even shopping. We smiled and wondered how well then our site could help a shopper on a mission.

My wallet had a rest for successive rounds of links mostly due to the nature of the departments. I have additional folders to review though but at least I know now the likelihood of spotting merchandise that I would like to purchase. My wallet is nearby...

Mary - web person for Find US

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